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::::::POLYIMIDE FILM::::::
HB® polyimide film possesses a unique combination of properties that make it ideal for a variety of applications in many different industries. The ability of polyimide film to maintain its excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range has opened new design and application areas to plastic films.
Polyimide film is synthesized by polymerizing an aromatic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine. It has excellent chemical resistance; there are no known organic solvents for the film. It does not melt or burn as it has the highest UL-94 flammability rating: V-0. The outstanding properties of Polyimide film permit it to be used at both high and low temperature extremes where other organic polymeric materials would not be functional.
Adhesives are available for bonding HB® polyimide film to itself and to metals, various paper types, and other films.
HB® polyimide film can be used in a variety of electrical and electronic insulation applications: wire and cable tapes, formed coil insulation, substrates for flexible printed circuits, motor slot liners, magnet wire insulation, transformer and capacitor insulation, magnetic and pressure-sensitive tapes, and tubing. Many of these applications are based on the excellent balance of electrical, thermal, mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of it over a wide range of temperatures. It is this combination of useful properties at temperature extremes that makes it a unique industrial material.

polyimide film

General Type of HB® polyimide film and related polyimide products
  • polyimide film PI-H Click for details

  • polyimide film PI-V Click for details

  • polyimide film PI-F Click for details

  • polyimide film PI-VC Click for details

  • polyimide film PI-HB£¨BOPI£© Click for details

  • polyimide film adhesive tape Click for details

  • Copper clad Polyimide sheet Click for details

  • Nomex laminated Polyimide sheet(NHN) Contact us for details
  • Package and Other terms:
    1¡¢Core£ºPaper or Plastic 76mm£¨3¡å£©or 152mm£¨6¡å£©
    2¡¢Package Carton or Wooden case.
    3¡¢Part of products are UL approved .

    Product List

                 PI-H(Kapton HN)
                 PI-V(Kapton VN)
                 PI-F(Kapton FN)
                 PI-VC(Voice core)
    Adhesive Tape
    FEP film & sheet
    Glass fabric cloth (7628)
    Flex Copper Clad PI
    General Insulation

    NiZn Ferrite Magnet
    Feature Application
    Cores Size

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