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  Flex Copper Clad PI Sheet

This is a flexible composite of polyimide film and copper foil bonded with heat-resistance modified epoxy adhesive. It is designed for use in the flexible printed circuits. The laminate can be processed through conventional printing, etching and plating techniques in manufacture of flexi ble printed circuits.

  • Excellent heat resistance, mechanical strength and electrical properties of polyimide film in high temperature.
  • Good dimensional stability
  • High solder float resistance
  • Self-extinguishing and flame retardant


Part Number Film(mils) Foil() FoilType S/D*
LPI0.5ED18/S 0.5 18 EDHD S
LPI1ED18/S 1 18 EDHD S
LPI2ED18/S 2 18 EDHD S
LPI0.5ED35/S 0.5 35 EDHD S
LPI1ED35/S 1 35 EDHD S
LPI2ED35/S 2 35 EDHD S
LPI0.5RA18/S 0.5 18 RA S
LPI1RA18/S 1 18 RA S
LPI2RA18/S 2 18 RA S
LPI0.5RA35/S 0.5 35 RA S
LPI1RA35/S 1 35 RA S
LPI2RA35/S 2 35 RA S
LPI0.5ED18/D 0.5 18 EDHD D
LPI1ED18/D 1 18 EDHD D
LPI2ED18/D 2 18 EDHD D
LPI0.5ED35/D 0.5 35 EDHD D
LPI1ED35/D 1 35 EDHD D
LPI2ED35/D 2 35 EDHD D
LPI0.5RA18/D 0.5 18 RA D
LPI1RA18/D 1 18 RA D
LPI2RA18/D 2 18 RA D
LPI0.5RA35/D 0.5 35 RA D
LPI1RA35/D 1 35 RA D
LPI2RA35/D 2 35 RA D

EDHD:Electrodeposited High-ductility Copper; RA:Rolled Annealed Copper
Structure of laminate:Single Side(S);Double Sides(D)
Product type above listed is Non-FR product part number,while FR product part number is added-FR at the end of Non-FR product part number.

*FPC (flexible printed circuits)

Remarks: Profma International Co., also able to supply Copper adhesive tapes(non-conductive and conductive).

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