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:::::General Insulation:::::

Profma is a professional supplier and resource of all types of general insulating material,you may find thousands of most qualified products for your application.We only list some most regular items here,if you need any other material ,just simply leave us a message in BBS or send us an email,we will find you the best material with most competitive price.

* Nomex laminated Polyimide sheet (NHN)
* Nomex laminated Polyester(Mylar) sheet (NMN)
* Fiberglass sleeving coated with polyvinyl chloride resin
* Fiberglass sleeving coated with acrylic resin
* Heat-treatment fiberglass sleeving
* Self-extingguishable fiberglass sleeving
* Fiberglass sleeving for carbon brush
* 6520 polyester(Mylar) film-insulating paper composite foil
* 6630 polyester(Mylar) film and polyester fibre composite
* Non-alkali fiberglass tape
* 6020 (transparent)polyester(Mylar) film-electrical insulation
* 6021(milky white)polyester(Mylar) film-electrical insulation
* 6023 Flame retardant polyester film(UL certificated)
* Phenolic laminated paper-electrical insulation
* Phenolic laminated cloth-electrical insulation
* PTFE film

Many other insulating material,please contact Profma for details.


Product List

             PI-H(Kapton HN)
             PI-V(Kapton VN)
             PI-F(Kapton FN)
             PI-VC(Voice core)
Adhesive Tape
FEP film & sheet
Glass fabric cloth (7628)
Flex Copper Clad PI
General Insulation

NiZn Ferrite Magnet
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