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Polypropylene Film,which is equivalent of Formex of ITW,
HB FRPP provides UL 94V-0 electrical insulation material to a variety of industries including electrical apparatus, electronics, and lighting.HB FILMS are value engineered materials providing outstanding performance characteristics at low cost.
HB materials are used in order to comply with UL, CSA, IEC, VDE, TUV, BSR or MITI standards when there is a need for electrical insulators and barriers. This unique product line has successfully replaced a variety of flame retardant sheet materials including polycarbonate, polyester, PVC and aramid papers.
The following features contribute to their success:
, UL 94V-0 Flame Class Rating
, Non-hygroscopic (moisture absorption <0.1%)
, Excellent dielectric strength
, Superior score and fold
, Competitively priced


HB®Flame Retardant Polypropylene Film is a new distribution to world electronic insulation. Material is divided into two major items:
*HBBK **(black) :HB is trade mark of Profma,BK is black,** stands for thickness in mil
*HBWT**(white): HB is trade mark of Profma,WT is white,** stands for thickness in mil
For example: HBBK005,means Profma FRPP film in BLACK in thickness of 5mil(0.125mm).
HBWT17,means Profma FRPP film in WHITE in thickness of 17mil(0.43mm)

Grades Table
Grade Thickness
HBBK005 0.005/0.125 610/930/1220
HBBK007 0.007/0.175 610/930/1220
HBBK010 0.010/0.254 610/930/1220
HBBK015 0.015/0.38 610/930/1220
HBBK017 0.017/0.43 610/930/1220
HBBK030 0.030/0.76 610/930/1220
HBBK040 0.040/1.00 610/930/1220
HBWT005 0.005/0.125 610/930/1220
HBWT007 0.007/0.175 610/930/1220
HBWT010 0.010/0.254 610/930/1220
HBWT015 0.015/0.38 610/930/1220
HBWT017 0.017/0.43 610/930/1220
HBWT030 0.030/0.76 610/930/1220
HBWT040 0.040/1.00 610/930/1220

1. HB®FR PP film, easily die-cut and compatible with fastening and laminating adhesives, are the right choice for die-cut insulators and spaces used in electronics applications.
2. Films for electrical insulation barriers from HB®FR PP film have benefits including good continuous operating temperatures, high dielectric strength and Underwriters Laboratory recognition
3. Electronics Shieldings

Further technical details and samples are available upon request.

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