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Fluorinated ethylene-propylene (FEP) Sheet

FEP sheet

is made from FEP resin and prepared by the technology of molding. It can be used as sealing part, wear-resistant component and electric component under the condition of high frequency and corrosive media at the temperature of -200 through 200. It conforms to the enterprise standard of Q/GHAD 8-2000.

Type and Specification
Type Length Width Diameter Tolerance Thickness Thickn. Tolerance
FEP-S 310310 2 1~18 10%



Fluorinated ethylene-propylene (FEP) Film


FEP film is made from FEP resin and prepared by extrusion blowing technology. It can be used at the temperature range of -200 through 200. There are two types of products, general-purpose FEP film and electric-purpose FEP film. ElectricCpurpose film has excellent electrical property and is used as dielectric material for capacitor and a layer of copper clad laminate etc. General C purpose film has outstanding chemical resistance to virtually all chemicals and is used as a transparent, anti-corrosive and anti-stick material in the fields of chemical, food, textile and packing industries. The films conform to the enterprise standard of Q/GHAD 11-2000.

Type and Specification

Unit: mm
Type Thickness Thickness Tolerance Fold Width Fold Width Tolerance
FEP-F-B-1 0.02 0.01 100 - 650 5
FEP-F-B-2 0.05 0.02 100 - 650 5
FEP-F-B-3 0.10 0.02 100 - 650 5
FEP-F-B-4 0.15 0.025 100 - 650 5
FEP-F-B-5 0.20 0.025 100 - 650 5
FEP-F-B-6 0.35 0.025 100 - 650 5

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