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We hightlight NiZn ferrite magnet core,which contains extra high performance and extra-sized specification. It specially features in relative high saturation flux density(Bs),high magnetic conduction(),high volume resistivity(),low remanence(Hc),high Curie temperature(f)and excellent quality.It makes material low loss factor and good stablity of temperature.
This extra-sized Nizn ferrite magnet core is distributed to electronic,particle accelerators and various ultra pulsed power systems.The cores between 500600 Xh24.5mm of Toroid are especially wide used by overseas and inland customers.

Basic terms

We proudly annouce that in June 2003 we have newly successfully developed out extra-sized Toroid with core900x280 xh25mm ,which physical property and core size are both leading the world standards.

We are capable to produce over thousand pieces of accelerator applicable NiZn ferrite magnet cores,and hundreds pieces cores for high pulsed power systems.
Customer special requirement are able to be satisfied.

Further technical details and samples are available upon request.


The basic terms used in this catalogue are listed in following table:

Initial Permeability i -- The permeability of ferrite at an applied field Strength is reduced to zero or 4mA/m
Saturation Flux Density Bs mT The flux density at an applied field strengthOf 800A/m
Remanent Flux Density Br mT The flux density when the applied field strength, H,is zero
Coercive Force Hc A/m The field strength when the fiux density B ofLoop is reduced to zero
Curie Temperature Tc °C The temperature below which the ferrite exhibits ferrimagnetism and above which it exhibits paramagnetism
DC Volume Resistivity dc -cm The dc resistance through a 1 cm cube of ferrite
Loss Factor 1/iQ -- The tangent of the loss angle(tanģ1/Q) divided by the Initial permeability
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             PI-F(Kapton FN)
             PI-VC(Voice core)
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Glass fabric cloth (7628)
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General Insulation

NiZn Ferrite Magnet
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